Who is Maila?


The show

The musicians

Maila is a young girl who travels all around the world collecting the stories told to children and turning them into songs. Navigating through the Danube River she will be encountering pirates, the King of Carnival, swallows and other animals that will lead up her to the magic tree. But she can not make this journey alone, she will need children’s help to sing and dance their stories through music.

The musical kids show is a family entertainment proposal that combines live music and story telling with puppets. The first album was published by Marta Casals Editions on March 2014 and the Spanish version was published on July 2016. With musical compositions and lyrics written by Marta Casals, it wishes to awake the imagination of children with new stories accompanied by modern sounds and harmonies. Come and meet Maila’s musical stories!

Original idea: Marta Casals

Direction, production, script and composition: Marta Casals

Musical arrangements and composition: Iñaki Marquiegui

Illustrations: Marta Balaguer

Principal interpreter: Marta Casals